o365 Domains – Possible Service Issues

These are just annoying, Everything works but we still have domains that show up as “Possible Service Issues” in the Domain setup in o365. I know there are no issues, you know there are no issues, but heaven forbid someone that doesn’t know what they are looking at sees it…. Continue reading

Quick Powershell ShortCut

Shortcut If you are using the where command Get-Mailbox * | Where-Object {$_.EmailAddress -like “*something.com”} you can use a question mark Get-Mailbox * | ? {$_.EmailAddress -like “*something.com”} Some others I often use: Format-List = FL Format-Table = FT Get-Item = gi Export-CSV = epcsv Import-PSSession = ipsn Add-PsSnapIn =… Continue reading

Meeting Invites to people outside your Exchange Organization

We had an incident where a user was inviting attendees to her meeting using Outlook Scheduling Assistant. She would create a meeting then add all the attendees and send out the invite. Well an attendee would delete that event from their Outlook Calendar and it would in turn send out to… Continue reading