o365 Domains – Possible Service Issues

These are just annoying, Everything works but we still have domains that show up as “Possible Service Issues” in the Domain setup in o365. I know there are no issues, you know there are no issues, but heaven forbid someone that doesn’t know what they are looking at sees it.

I think MS even expects you to have them, why else would it be a standard view?

Well I am tired of seeing them, and like I said, I know the settings are right, the issues is we send our traffic through ProofPoint so the MX records are not what MS expects so “Possible Service Issues”.

Now this is simple, and I probably missed it in day 2 of the o365 Admin course but simply Edit the entry, Go to DNS Management, Select “I’ll Manage my own DNS records” (Duh, i am the admin), Next, and unselect the online services.

Select Next and Whammy, fixed.

But wont that break things? Nope.

Your Welcome. Now go get rid of those Yellow warnings and make us all proud.

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