Outlook 2010 Sync Errors

I am a perfectionist .. Well when it comes to technologies.

In that I am very OCD on my email folders and settings. I keep my inbox clean throughout the day, mainly because I am in it all day. I know this is not good for my mental health but it is an OCD thing.

Today my OCD finally got me to take some action. In my folders I kept seeing sync errors within the sync error folder. I usually go in a few times a day and just delete them. But today after just 1 hour at work I had 10 .. I couldn’t take it any more so I started to look into it.

The error I was seeing was something like:

You do not have sufficient permission to perform this operation on this object.  See the folder contact or your system administrator.

Seeing that the tasks just before this was to “update” my supervisors calendar it made since that I didn’t have permissions to do that. But why is my outlook trying to do this, and how do I stop it?

Why .. Well I don’t know, but found that is has something to do with offline access to his calendar. Do I really care about this .. Of course I don’t!!!

But how do I turn it off and get rid of those pesky errors.

It appears easier than I thought …
1. From outlook go to File –> Account settings
2. Select the current Microsoft Exchange account (my default in this case)
3. Select Change
4. Select More Settings
5. Select Advanced tab
6. Unselect Download shared folders, under Cached Exchange Mode Settings.
7. Select OK
8. Select Next
9. Select Finish
10. Restart Outlook

Now it will no longer try to cache his calendar.

Ahhhh .. Now I can get back to organizing the ceiling tiles to be sitting in the Correct direction.

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