Server not registering A record in DNS

Server 2008 R2 – Fully Patched (x8 different servers)
VM running on VMWare 5.x
IIS Server running Front End and App Server
DHCP assigned IP address
8 our of a total of 20 servers for this customer all doing the same roles
“Register this Connections addresses in DNS” was checked on bad servers

The Remaining Servers were able to register their DNS A Records, and the Reverse DNS was registered for all.

Bad Servers were able to Telnet to DNS Server on 53
Bad Servers were able to UDP (run NSLookup on DNS Server)
Bad Servers were able to Ping DNS Server
Running IPCONFIG /RegisterDNS returned no errors
DNS Server showed queries from Server but no actual “Register/Update” traffic

Ended up just unselecting the “Register this Connections addresses in DNS” setting withing Advanced TCP/IP Settings on the LAN Connection, saving and going back in and re-selecting it.

Confirmed registered of A record in DNS.

Not going to say I know why this worked, and maybe a reboot of the server would have done the same thing, but this worked without site down time.


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