How to change the Phones firmware version on Cisco Call Manager

This is how you apply new firmware to all phones in your Call Manager. The current version I was running is 8.5 and I applied this to the Publisher (primary server) in our 2 Server farm. In this case I was updating the 7945 with firmware version SCCP45.9-2-1SR2S to help fix Video not working with our CUPC Clients.

  1. Login to Call Manager Publisher Server
  2. Go to Device –> Device Settings –> Device Defaults
  3. Find the Model Number you have the load for (you should have loaded the file into the FTP Server, instructions to come seperatly)
  4. Copy the current Firmware load Info
  5. Put the new firware version in
  6. Click Save
  7. Go to System –> Device Pool
  8. Find all device pools and select the one your phones are in that will need the firmware update
  9. Reset the device pool (and restart it for good measures) – Note this should be done after hours as the phones will reset and download the new firmware.
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